Tips On Traffic And List Building – Part 1

For entrepreneurs who are on the road to internet success there is the knowledge that traffic is one of the critical elements that leads to success. There is also the knowledge that list building efforts are another critical element. After all, you must have a list. Yet for many there is little connection between traffic and list building beyond the need for targeted traffic to build the list. There is not the realization that the concepts of traffic and list building actually go hand in hand in more than that one way. This is part 1 of a 2 part article set.Many overlook the fact that your list can be a powerful tool to move you down the road to internet success. Your list can literally fuel your traffic if you provide subscribers with a reason to come back to your website time and time again. On the other hand, you can turn your regular website traffic into subscribers by creating an opt-in box on your website.The first step is to build your traffic. Create a digital product such as an eBook or eReport that you can give away for free. Offer this free product as an incentive to anyone who is willing to join your list. Let them know what your subscriber list is all about, and give away your eBook or other digital product to anyone who is willing to give their contact information as a means of obtaining it.Once someone has become a subscriber to your mailing list they are part of your database. Your database or auto responder will then send e-mail messages at preset points of time. This will essentially automate the operation of your mailing list. You will also be updated on numbers and statistics regarding your list. As you build your list you are also building your reputation and establishing a relationship with your readers that will keep you moving forward on the road to internet success.As you can see, your traffic will help to build your list. But don’t discount the fact that your list will also help to build your traffic. These two components of your online business are not mutually exclusive. They can work together quite powerfully. In fact in many instances, it takes one element for the other element to exist. But how do you build one without the other? There is a simple and straight forward strategy for building traffic to build your list. In turn you use it your list as a means of building increased traffic.To your internet marketing success!

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