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Google AdWords: How To Save Up to 50% On Your Google Ad Spending

Google does not want you to know these tips on how to save money on AdWords. But, they are easy to use and they can save you up to 50% on your ad spending.Warning: 97% of businesses fail to get results on Google AdWords I have been in advertising for over 30 years and I do not know of any other advertising medium that consistently fails at such a high level for advertisers. This is a miserable record of failure reported in Entrepreneur Magazine’s book, “Ultimate Guide to Pay Per Click Advertising by Richard Stokes.” Of course, Google promotes their successes and not all those failures. Regardless, it is a warning that the money you spend on AdWords is more than likely going to be a complete waste.Before you invest in Google AdWords, here are two key tips:1. If you are selling a low-priced item on Google, it will be incredibly difficult to get a positive return on your investment. The reason is that your price or cost per click will be too high.2. If you are trying to create awareness of a problem, do not use Google AdWords. Think about the mindset of your prospect. An AdWords ad must connect with an accepted belief the prospect has about that topic; specifically a problem he or she wants solved. Ideally, your ad will connect to that prospect by providing the solution. If the prospect does not believe he has that problem you are solving, your ad will not make a connection.Once you decide to invest in Google AdWords, here are four more key tips:1. Do not pay for keywords where your business organically appears on Page 1.
After you have created a list of keywords, do a Google search on each one. If your business appears on Page 1 of these search results, you do not need to pay money for that keyword. People use search to find organic results not ads. If your business is listed organically, do not waste money on AdWords.2. Only use the Google search network when setting up your campaign.
You want to give your business the best opportunity for success. If you can not get a positive return from a pure Google search campaign, the likelihood of achieving a positive return on these other networks is diminished. There are tricks to make these other networks work, but it takes a lot more time and effort..and still may not payout.3. Phrase and exact keyword matching have significantly more value than broad matches.
Broad keywords are entered into Google AdWords without any punctuation and allows for the words to match in any order, for plurals and for synonyms. Phrase keywords are enclosed by quotation marks so that phrase must match to a search. Exact keywords are enclosed using square brackets and only get matched when people search for those specific words.Phrase and exact keywords will have less traffic but better click through rates. This means you need to closely monitor your broad keywords as they will eat up your budget quickly. One method of slowing this spend down is to reduce the price for broad keyword to be one half of the AdWords suggested price to be on Page 1.4. Negative keyword matching is critical in setting up your account.
At the bottom of the AdWords keyword page you will find the words “Negative Keywords.” Negative keywords allow you to eliminate words that you do not want to include in your matching. For example, words like “free,” “templates,” and “keywords” are common negative keywords.Reality BitesThere is the famous quote: “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.”When you start testing Google AdWords, you will only wish that only half your advertising is being wasted. In fact, it is a sad reality that 100% of your spend on Google AdWords will be wasted.One alternative to consider is using mobile advertising since the cost per click is significantly less expensive. For perspective, you can buy mobile ads for as low as 5 cents per click! Google owns that space as well, with AdMob. While it is similar to AdWords, it is a whole new ballgame to master.