The Role of Nutrition in Prevention of Illness and Health Maintenance

“Given the history of Western medicine to date, many people seek empowerment in the health care of themselves and their families; nutrition is really basic component of preventive medicine and also an area that can be effective in corrective medicine for many common health problems.” *Nutrition is a basic element of health and should not be overlooked during disease. Some well renowned practitioners state that every disease is a result of improper dietary habits.Because of the rapid increase in cost of medical care and desire to live longer and healthier, higher and higher percentage of the population is becoming concerned about nutrition and maintaining their health. Without a doubt, nutrition plays a big role here.Proper nutrition and regular physical activity can help us avoid taking drugs or even have surgeries to correct the results of fast-paced, fast-food consuming, multitasking life with no exercising.Healthy dietary habits (the way we eat) are the foundation of healthy nutrition. Choosing nourishing (whole, unprocessed, without chemical additives) foods alone is not enough.Simpler meals (with specific combination of foods for better digestion and absorption) are becoming the top-choice of many, who are oriented toward optimum health.However, the factors that are often overlooked, but just as important in healthy nutrition are:
the way our food is prepared and served,
the time of the day when we eat,
the setting in which we eat and
how we feel when we eat.The way of the Western world is that poor nutrition is readily available everywhere, any time and cheap. Farmers’ markets and health-food stores, on the other hand, are harder to find in some areas. In the end, all comes down to common sense. Our body is sending us messages all the time and if we would only learn to listen to these messages again, there would be no need whatsoever for trying out all the countless diets which don’t work. So, even though our biofeedback is a perfect messenger, we tend to override the signals and follow heavily advertised addictions. This kind of behavior affects the way we feel now, as well as over the long term. Being overweight is mostly the result of poor nutrition and low activity level. The only way to lose extra pounds permanently is to change the lifestyle. Choosing less fattening foods is a good choice, but not sufficient. Because certain emotions and fear of creativity and change also promote unhealthy (over)eating habits, we need to choose personal growth (over addictions), decide what we want and stay focused on our goals.Dietary habits and eating patterns from our family’s traditions affect us all in our young age. As adults, however, we are making our own choices and decisions and we should keep asking ourselves why we’re doing the things we do – and keep the answers in our sight.When body is in a detoxification stage (like during cold or flu when bowels, secreting cells and mucous membranes become more active), it is simply trying to eliminate the buildup of toxins we consumed throughout the longer period of time. Eating lightly (especially fruits and vegetables) and drinking more liquids (clean, fresh water and herbal teas), supports the cleansing process.Our dietary needs are changing with the seasons of the year as well as with our age. Growing children need richer diet to construct and expand tissues. When we stop growing physically, we only need to maintain our body, which calls for lighter, fiber and nutrient rich natural foods. As we age even more and our metabolism slows down, our food requirements decrease further.Just like fitness activity is equally important at any age, so is the low level of stress. While under stress, our body may not digest and absorb the necessary nutrients so well and sometimes the additional supplements are needed.When we lose our appetite in response to the stressful situation, that is a very helpful reaction. As mentioned before, in stressful times our body does not process foods so well. Not eating will allow us to “hear” better what the only body we have for this life, is signaling us, and explore our feelings.Human body needs food as a source of energy and as a fuel to maintain life. It is quite obvious that nutrition plays a major role in health as well as sickness. Fortunately, there are more and more practitioners available who are nutritionists. There are also more and more choices of wholesome, nutritious foods offered online and in the brick-and-mortar stores. Information is plentiful. But it’s up to us to decide to do and choose what’s best.*Haas, M.D., Elson M.. Staying Healthy with Nutrition. 1. Berkeley, CA: Celestial Arts Publishing, 1992.

The Best Dog Toys

Does your dog go through toys like they are food? Have you tried so many different brands of toys that you are about to give up? Do not give up just yet, because there are some of the strongest and best toys out there! you just have to find them.. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and designs.Did you know dogs tend to like toys of a certain color? Experts say everyone has their own personal favorite color when it comes to toys. So, try out all the different colors and figure out which color your dog prefers!Dogs are just like children, they tend to enjoy new toys and want to show them off to all their friends. So, once your dog has dirtied up a toy, they would really appreciate a new one to play with. Since most of the toys do not break, you will have a chance to get dirty! And when you take your them to the park, bring their favorite toys so they can socialize with other dogs. Socializing them is very important, because it decreases their chances of feeling lonely, gets their energy out, gives you a break from chasing your dog around, and makes them happy. So, let your dog be cool and show off his or her favorite toy. so make sure you pick a toy that are best to bring to the park or play dates, because they will not break and all dogs love them. Your pet will be so popular carrying around these toys that every dog will want to play with yours.The best dog toys are needed for every dog to allow primal instincts, prevent harm, and allow exercise. Dogs are descendants of wild wolves when they hunt their food. Your dog still has these instincts, so buy toys that have food in them or else they might hunt you! Dogs love to pounce on their toys and act like the toys are prey, so ensuring the toys are strong will prevent harm to your dog. This is especially important to remember if your dog plays rough with his or her toys. Without toys your dog may get into the trash and chew on plastic that he or she might swallow and harm their mouths, teeth, or stomach. Also, some hyper dogs need to get more exercise than less hyper dogs to get all the pent up energy out. And you may not have as much energy as your dog, so you will need some toys for it to play with while you take a nap! There are toys for both alone time and for you to play with your dog, so get a mixture of those.You need to experiment with different types of toys to find your dog’s preferences, like color. Some dogs enjoy the harder and quieter toys while others enjoy the softer and louder toys.Also, if you have more than one dog at home, you may want to buy the same toy for each dog or else someone may get jealous and start a fight.With these tips, get your dog the best dog toys here!

Tips On Traffic And List Building – Part 1

For entrepreneurs who are on the road to internet success there is the knowledge that traffic is one of the critical elements that leads to success. There is also the knowledge that list building efforts are another critical element. After all, you must have a list. Yet for many there is little connection between traffic and list building beyond the need for targeted traffic to build the list. There is not the realization that the concepts of traffic and list building actually go hand in hand in more than that one way. This is part 1 of a 2 part article set.Many overlook the fact that your list can be a powerful tool to move you down the road to internet success. Your list can literally fuel your traffic if you provide subscribers with a reason to come back to your website time and time again. On the other hand, you can turn your regular website traffic into subscribers by creating an opt-in box on your website.The first step is to build your traffic. Create a digital product such as an eBook or eReport that you can give away for free. Offer this free product as an incentive to anyone who is willing to join your list. Let them know what your subscriber list is all about, and give away your eBook or other digital product to anyone who is willing to give their contact information as a means of obtaining it.Once someone has become a subscriber to your mailing list they are part of your database. Your database or auto responder will then send e-mail messages at preset points of time. This will essentially automate the operation of your mailing list. You will also be updated on numbers and statistics regarding your list. As you build your list you are also building your reputation and establishing a relationship with your readers that will keep you moving forward on the road to internet success.As you can see, your traffic will help to build your list. But don’t discount the fact that your list will also help to build your traffic. These two components of your online business are not mutually exclusive. They can work together quite powerfully. In fact in many instances, it takes one element for the other element to exist. But how do you build one without the other? There is a simple and straight forward strategy for building traffic to build your list. In turn you use it your list as a means of building increased traffic.To your internet marketing success!

Google AdWords: How To Save Up to 50% On Your Google Ad Spending

Google does not want you to know these tips on how to save money on AdWords. But, they are easy to use and they can save you up to 50% on your ad spending.Warning: 97% of businesses fail to get results on Google AdWords I have been in advertising for over 30 years and I do not know of any other advertising medium that consistently fails at such a high level for advertisers. This is a miserable record of failure reported in Entrepreneur Magazine’s book, “Ultimate Guide to Pay Per Click Advertising by Richard Stokes.” Of course, Google promotes their successes and not all those failures. Regardless, it is a warning that the money you spend on AdWords is more than likely going to be a complete waste.Before you invest in Google AdWords, here are two key tips:1. If you are selling a low-priced item on Google, it will be incredibly difficult to get a positive return on your investment. The reason is that your price or cost per click will be too high.2. If you are trying to create awareness of a problem, do not use Google AdWords. Think about the mindset of your prospect. An AdWords ad must connect with an accepted belief the prospect has about that topic; specifically a problem he or she wants solved. Ideally, your ad will connect to that prospect by providing the solution. If the prospect does not believe he has that problem you are solving, your ad will not make a connection.Once you decide to invest in Google AdWords, here are four more key tips:1. Do not pay for keywords where your business organically appears on Page 1.
After you have created a list of keywords, do a Google search on each one. If your business appears on Page 1 of these search results, you do not need to pay money for that keyword. People use search to find organic results not ads. If your business is listed organically, do not waste money on AdWords.2. Only use the Google search network when setting up your campaign.
You want to give your business the best opportunity for success. If you can not get a positive return from a pure Google search campaign, the likelihood of achieving a positive return on these other networks is diminished. There are tricks to make these other networks work, but it takes a lot more time and effort..and still may not payout.3. Phrase and exact keyword matching have significantly more value than broad matches.
Broad keywords are entered into Google AdWords without any punctuation and allows for the words to match in any order, for plurals and for synonyms. Phrase keywords are enclosed by quotation marks so that phrase must match to a search. Exact keywords are enclosed using square brackets and only get matched when people search for those specific words.Phrase and exact keywords will have less traffic but better click through rates. This means you need to closely monitor your broad keywords as they will eat up your budget quickly. One method of slowing this spend down is to reduce the price for broad keyword to be one half of the AdWords suggested price to be on Page 1.4. Negative keyword matching is critical in setting up your account.
At the bottom of the AdWords keyword page you will find the words “Negative Keywords.” Negative keywords allow you to eliminate words that you do not want to include in your matching. For example, words like “free,” “templates,” and “keywords” are common negative keywords.Reality BitesThere is the famous quote: “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.”When you start testing Google AdWords, you will only wish that only half your advertising is being wasted. In fact, it is a sad reality that 100% of your spend on Google AdWords will be wasted.One alternative to consider is using mobile advertising since the cost per click is significantly less expensive. For perspective, you can buy mobile ads for as low as 5 cents per click! Google owns that space as well, with AdMob. While it is similar to AdWords, it is a whole new ballgame to master.